Video Production Services


At Bergeron Media we have over 10 years of video production experience working with businesses, organizations, artists, and individuals to produce high quality videos. We utilize all the tools available to us we produce high quality video, whether it's a TV commercial, introductory web video, or capturing that large event, we deliver a video that will stand out. 

We produce videos for many applications including

+ Commercials
+ Testimonials
+ Website intro/banner
+ Marketing

+ Events
+ Corporate
+ Weddings
+ and much more

Why choose Bergeron Media? Good question.

There are many of moving parts in video production, but we've sailed these seas countless times, so let our expertise guide you to a video that will turn your viewers into customers.




We use our creative powers to conceptualize a video that will turn your viewer into a customer



Tools are only as good as their application, and we know how to utilize our equipment for top results



Our drone has high quality 4K resolution, and we are FAA Part 107 certified



In our editing suite we take our footage and compliment it with high quality graphics & effects



We partner with a composer to create an original score for your video


Voice Over

We partner with professional Los Angeles voice over talent to deliver a quality recording

Check out our most recent video productions

Northwoods Adventures White Water River Rafting

Using our drone, camera, and GoPro's, we show the fun and adventure that awaits you at Northwoods Adventures!

Edgewater Resort Country Log Cabins

This spot utilizes our camera on the ground and our drone in the air to show that Edgewater Resort is a wonderful vacation spot.


Spine Pain Diagnostics: Our Story

A great way for your audience to "meet" you before they walk in the door is a video that tells your story.

Tea Lula: How to Make Matcha Lemonade

This is a "How To" video created for the Chicago tea-shop, Tealula, to showcase their expertise.


Pricing is factored a number of ways and is determined project by project, depending on location and elements that you are looking for.

  • What video production services do you need?
  • How long is your final video?
  • Will you need color correction, music, or voice over?
  • Have you written a script or do you need us to write one?

To ensure you are getting customized service, we offer free-no pressure consultations.  Just a quick conversation about what you’re looking for and we will be able to give you a quote, contact us below or click here.