Drone Real Estate Photography & Video

Whether it is residential or commercial real estate, high quality aerial imagery can showcase your property's uniqueness and give a perspective only a drone can deliver. Aerial photos & videos create striking cinematic views of your property to grab your viewers attention and bring your listing to life. 

Real estate listings with drone photography have been proven to sell 67% faster, and listings with drone videos sell 73% faster, according to MLS statistics. Positively impact customer attitudes & predispositions with a view that will leave a lasting impression, even before your first showing. 



Drone Photography
Show off the entire property the only way possible

Whether you have a commercial property or a residential listing, our high quality drone photography will help make your listing make a lasting impression. Potential buyers will love getting to see the entire property and where it located, which is something not even an in-person showing could show them. Our aerial photography services are fully customizable to your individual needs and we have a 24-48 hour turn around on all aerial photography.



Aerial Drone Video
The ultimate wow factor

Our background is in film & video production so we know what to focus on when it comes to aerial drone video. An aerial drone video is the best way to keep potential buyers attention but more importantly to make a lasting impression. From upwards of 400 ft in the air, our high resolution camera captures your property in the best possible light. You can either get raw footage of the property or we have full editing services and you can add on video options to really make your video pop off the screen:

Video Menu Options:
+ Professional Los Angeles voice over
+ On screen text (giving details of property)
+ Music overlay
+ Color correction

Here is a video example with all of our video menu options being used to create the ultimate real estate video:


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