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Unlock the power of drone technology and apply it to capture marketing/advertising content for your organization. Our background is in film & video production and with our drone services we know what to focus on to capture the best marketing material for you or your business.

With aerial photography we can capture a beautiful 4K high resolution image of your business from high in the sky or get a unique angle that shows your customers what you do. Use aerial drone video to show off the scale & scope of your large scale operations, or perhaps follow one of your trucks delivering product to satisfied customers.

These are just a few examples of how drone technology could help your organization, business, or non-profit. If you have an idea that is not listed, please feel free to contact us about it.


Aerial photography Marketing Advertising Wisconsin Bergeron Media

Aerial Photography - Location

Capture a high quality image from high in the sky of your building/location, perhaps for your website, social media pages, or new marketing campaign. Our drones can fly up to 400 ft in the air and capture beautiful images that will leave an impression.

Aerial Photography Marketing Advertising Wisconsin Bergeron Media

Aerial Photography - operations

Use drone photography to get that angle only a drone can get. Perhaps you want to show river rafters enjoying their experience down the river, or a trout farm who wants birds eye views of their workers. However the application we know what to focus on to capture a dynamic angle.


Drone Video - Large scale Operations

Show your customers the capacity and scope of the type of work you can take on using aerial drone video. Here we captured drone video for a development company looking to create marketing material on their large scale demolition project: the GM factory in Janesville, WI.


Drone Video - Scale & Scope

We produced this video for Northwoods Adventures using cameras in the sky and on the ground. They wanted to capture the fun experience their customers have river rafting down the Menominee River. You can use aerial drone video like this to get those shots that would be impossible to get using traditional means.


Drone Video - Unique perspective

Use drone video to capture unique, stable views. Here Rubin's Furniture used drone video to show the scale and variety of their inventory in their 17,000 square ft retail store in downtown Madison.

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