Drone Mapping

Unlock the power of drone technology with drone mapping software that will save you or your business valuable time and money. We use the latest mapping software that produces photogrammetric and analytic software that can generate 3D models, 2D maps, elevation data, and plant health maps.

Our drones are helping businesses map large areas in a quick, cost effective manner and to provide hard data that helps expedite workflows in a variety of commercial settings.

This is being used across various industries from construction, agriculture, real estate, inspections, forestry, and more. Visit one of the industry pages and learn how drone mapping can positively impact your specific industry.


Mapping Services

Drone Mapping Madison Wisconsin


Our drones can produce sophisticated maps that enable you to fill in imaging gaps left by satellite mapping with up-to-date data. Orthomosaic maps are created from data flights that capture numerous images and their associated data. The images are processed post flight to produce a georeferenced map. There are many applications for these maps because they can be created quickly and more affordably than traditional methods. This is especially helpful for rapidly changing environments where progression of the site needs to be monitored and recorded.


3D Models

Our software can create an advanced 3D model of your project. Construction sites can use 3D models to evaluate the topography of a site, identify earthmoving needs, and to monitor progress of projects against project schedules. Other industries using drone-based 3D modeling include mining and inspection, and environmental conservation.

Drone Mapping Madison Wisconsin Agriculture Plant Health NDVI

NDVI (plant Health)

Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) images are captured with our drone’s camera that can see in both the visual and the near-infrared spectrum. The images can provide critical data on plant health. Gain information to take action right away by minimizing crop loss and boost yield with rapid intervention.

Drone Mapping Madison Wisconsin


Elevation maps can help you gain valuable data points about the mapped area. This has many practical uses ranging from environmental to urban. For example, a project in which a scenic route is to be constructed may utilize elevation to determine the visibility of the landscape from various points to determine the best pathway to construct.

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