Aerial Drone Photography

From upwards of 400 feet in the air our high quality aerial drone photography can make a lasting impression. Artistic applications of the drones’ 4K high resolution camera will help elevate your project by capturing dynamic and unique perspectives. With industrial applications it can impact your bottom line by saving you or your business valuable time and money.

Our services are fully customizable to work with your project. We are FAA Part 107 certified with a background in film & photography so we know what to focus on.

Whether you are looking to capture an aerial photo of your business, track progress on your construction site, capture images of your event, or get that dynamic photo of your real estate listing, we have the experience and tools to deliver crisp high quality images.


Service Overview

Drone Photography Madison Wisconsin

FAA Certified

We are Part 107 certified which allows us to fly and operate our drones for commercial use. We are skilled drone pilots with hundreds of hours of flight experience, and we adhere to all FAA safe flight regulations. Although safety is our top priority we are fully insured for up to $1 million in liability coverage.

Aerial Photography Bergeron Media Milwaukee WIsconsin

High Resolution

Our drones are equipped with 4K high resolution cameras that capture crisp and clear images. High resolution means more pixels which means more detail in your photos to capture beautiful images that will stand out.

Aerial drone Photography Madison Wisconsin Bergeron Media

Unique Perspective

The tool is only as good as you apply it, and drones can capture unique and dynamic angles that can help elevate your project. FAA regulations allow us to fly upwards of 400 feet in the air which can present unique perspectives, such as showing off your large scale capabilities or see the vastness of your real estate property. Get that unique angle that may be impossible to achieve with traditional means.

Aerial Drone Photography Construction Wisconsin Bergeron Media

Various Industries

Aerial drone photography is being used by various industries ranging from construction, real estate, agriculture, marketing, insurance companies, and more. You can track progress on your construction site, capture dynamic images of your real estate listing, show off your business’s new building in marketing material, get high resolution insurance images of your roof damage without putting a human on a ladder, and many more applications.


Raw or Edited

We can send you the raw photos we captured on location or we have full photo editing software. Perhaps you’d like to take out that mud or brush from your wedding photos or touch up the landscape around your facility, if so we have full photo editing capabilities.

Aerial Drone Photography Madison Wisconsin Bergeron Media


After your project has been photographed we will send you a Dropbox link to your digital files, which you will be able to download straight to your devices. Our turn around time for raw images is between 24-48 hours. Simple, convenient, and fast.

Aerial Photography Portfolio

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