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Bergeron Media provides drone services such as aerial photography, drone video, and drone mapping across various industries ranging from construction to real estate. Our business is centered on customer care, creative solutions, and using the latest drone technologies to help with your project. Industrial applications with our drone services can impact your bottom line by saving you or your business valuable time and money. With an artistic application the drones’ 4K high resolution camera will help elevate your project by capturing dynamic and unique perspectives.

We are FAA Part 107 certified which allows us to operate our drones for commercial use. We are skilled drone pilots with hundreds of hours of flight experience, and although we adhere to all FAA safe flight regulations we are fully insured.

Drone technology is a tool, and here at Bergeron Media we strive to use this tool in a way that uniquely helps our customers with their projects. We are centrally located in Madison, WI but provide drone services throughout the state of Wisconsin.

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Aerial Photography

4K High Resolution

Our drones are equipped with 4K high resolution cameras that capture crisp and clear images. This high resolution can obtain more detail and capture beautiful images.

Unique Perspective

The tool is only as good as you apply it, and we use our drones to capture unique and dynamic angles. Get that unique angle from high above which may be impossible to achieve with traditional means.

400 feet

FAA regulations allow us to fly upwards of 400 feet in the air, which is plenty of elevation to show off your large scale capabilities or show the vastness of your real estate property.

Various industries

Aerial drone photography is being used by various industries ranging from construction, real estate, agriculture, marketing, insurance companies, and many more.


Drone Video


From the air you can use aerial drone video to show your customers your business's large scale capabilities, or show the vastness of a real estate property, and much more. Create advertising content that will leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Full Editing Services

We can deliver you the raw footage we captured on location or we can edit the footage to your specifications. Our background is in video production and we have the capability to add elements such as a professional voice over, music overlay, on screen text, etc, to enhance your project.



Open your film with an expansive shot of a city at dusk or capture vast aerial shots of your business for your new TV commercial. With over 15 years of experience in film & video production, we know what to focus on.

4K High Resolution

Our 4K high resolution drone cameras can capture the strongest video content to elevate your project and capture your viewers attention.




2D Maps

Create 2D maps of your construction site or farm and receive accurate readings on what is happening on the ground. This information can enable you to fill in imaging gaps left by satellite mapping with up-to-date data.

Plant health

Obtain images of a field of crops that can give you valuable data about the health of your crops. This tool can help you get ahead of problems before they start and save you money.


3d Models

3D models are created with a large number of overlapping photos covering a area. This 3D model can give you an accurate portrait of what is happening on any job site.


Gain valuable data of your land that shows you the exact elevation of the area. This has many practical uses ranging from environmental to urban.


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We are centrally located in Madison, WI, but we provide drone services throughout the state of Wisconsin.